About Us

Novertising (Noun, {No-Ver-Tahy-zing})  is a term coined by Cyrus Pan, it is the combination of the two words No + Advertising. Novertising is The Art of Advertising Without Advertising.

Novertising is going after conventional goals using unconventional means. Novertising is the truth made fascinating, and you know ordinarily marketing is not the truth, nor is it fascinating. Novertising is your chance to help your prospects succeed at whatever their goals are, whether their goals are to earn more money, build a larger company, lower their golf score – whatever their goals are Novertising is your chance to educate them on how to succeed at their goals.

Novertising if you do it right is also a circle; it’s a circle that begins with your ideas for how you’re going to generate revenue for your company. It becomes a circle when you have the blessed patronage of repeat and referral customers.

Mainly, Novertising is not just a science, not just an art, but deep down underneath it all it’s a business. Sure it’s the art of getting people to change their minds, but if it doesn’t show a profit it’s really not Novertising – and you know about money when it comes to Novertising, You don’t really need a lot of it.

Because your prime investments in Novertising don’t have to be money; they should be time, energy, imagination and information. And the more of those you’re willing to invest – time, energy, imagination and information the higher your profits will be, and that’s really what marketing ought to be all about. For Novertisers, that is what it’s all about.

—-Message From Our Founder—-

Dear Doctor,

Most companies and definitely almost all practices who do advertising alone are throwing their hard-earned money out the window. They might increase the total collection but almost never the bottom line.

The reason is simple: advertising is hardly noticed and definitely not believed. The amount of advertising in America is way up but for most it means less and less profits.

There IS a place for advertising but it is after – and only after a reputation, trust, name, etc. has been recognized by the public. It would not matter how long you are in this neighborhood already and how many people you think know you – maybe they do know you, but IF they are not coming in large quantity to your practice then your “brand” is not known, trusted, liked, remembered, looked as better or different!

It simply means that NOT enough OTHER people in the community are doing the marketing – word-of-mouth – for you.

Doing any advertising BEFORE you have created a brand called “YOU” will come to a dead end. People don’t believe in advertising. You and your competitors all sound alike and thus the public cannot decide which to choose. They are hit by 500 advertising appeals per day!

The methodology to create a positive name, image, and perception to make the public choosing you over your competition is called Novertising.

There hardly is any major brand in this and other countries which has not been created FIRST by using the concept of Novertising.

The missing link with most business people is that they do not know that Novertising is the ONLY thing which can and will start the fire – it is the spark – and without this spark, there is no fire – thus no wind can spread this non-existing fire! Advertising is the wind and doing advertising without first establishing a position or perception which was put in peoples mind by other sources than you will be a waste of money.

Novertising, not more advertising, is the answer!

Novertising makes your message believed, builds trust, increases patient loyalty and makes you standing out from your competition. It is the difference of just making it and reaching your goals in a time where reaching one’s goals, while being a doctor, is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Novertising will make your dreams come true!


Cyrus Pan

Founder of Novertising