• Novertising makes you unforgettable in the public’s eye.
  • It gets you FREE publicity.
  • Your message is remembered.
  • It increases doctors’ and patients’ referrals.
  • You stand out from your competition.
  • Your patient base is of a higher quality.
  • You get so much business that you no longer need to be a  “solo” practitioner that is handcuffed to your business

Traditional Marketing Approaches Do Help A Business But Are You Also Running Into the Following 7 Roadblocks?

  • Via ads, a doctor advertise his services and his diplomas but the ads do not make this doctor different than other doctors who are also “advertising” the benefits of their services and the qualification of the practitioners.
  • Advertising a new machinery or equipment does not make patients coming to you in droves. Your perceived “advantage” of having better equipment is an advantage only understood by you and not by the masses. Even if you manage to increase your new patients through your new service/equipment ads, it is just a matter of time your competitors will copy and say “We too have specialized service/equipment”.
  • Patients cannot tell who is a good or bad doctor – thus talking about your expertise has little appeal to the public whom you wish to attract attention.
  • Advertising cost is going up as the rate of return is going down.
  • Depending only on internal marketing has not made any business owner great wealth without needing to work. Yet neglect of external marketing has caused huge financial hardships for most.
  • Many business owners do agree that taking efforts to build a tighter relationship with a referral source can and will help business. But the ‘personal relationship-building’ process is definitely a slow boat to China. How many ‘luncheons’ with a ‘possible’ referral source could you possibly do every month?
  • In the economic and time pressures of today, relationship-building activities like networking at breakfast clubs or monthly meetings at the Chamber of Commerce or sponsoring of the little league teams are simply too time-consuming, too slow, too small of an exposure to qualified patients and thus too expensive and thus too impractical for the doctor to do for a long period of time. It might bring in some marginal business but surely not enough to double your business and increase your income!

How is the Novertising Approach Different Then?

  • It makes your marketing process “automatic” so your relationship-building processes can be done in unlimited quantities.
  • The messages are different in that it focuses on you HELPING the community instead of only you as an “expert” in your field. The public has very little understanding or appreciation of your expertise. But they are quick to see how they like a person or not based on his or her character and actions!
  • Since the message is different than the thousands of ad messages out there, you draw positive attention from the masses.
  • Relationship-building with referrals is no longer awkward as your message is that of HELPING OTHERS instead of “asking for business”.
  • It is not as costly as traditional marketing because other people and public media are now spreading your practice name for you, without you ‘paying’ any entity to do so.
  • It gets you the largest exposure in the fastest of time frame.
  • It can be repeated over and over again with better and better results (unlike a piece of ad which gets diminishing returns).

Who is Novertising Designed For?

We have found that the clients who have succeeded the fastest are the ones who are willing to think and do things differently than their professional colleagues who have closed the doors on any improvement and have resigned themselves to a fate of long hours and little pay.

Some doctors do not think that there could be any possible HELP and they prefer to stick to unworkable business models that made them working harder and making lesser money.

Our clients are the ones who believe that it is their responsibility to learn to become better managers and business owners. They understand that putting the blame on the government, on the insurances, on disloyal patients, is giving that responsibility of learning away and thus also giving away the power to change and improve one’s business.

Most importantly, our clients have a serious desire to obtain freedom not just in wealth but also in time. Being a practice owner does not mean one must be hand-cuffed to the business with no freedom of time and money to enjoy other activities.

Our clients believe that they can have their cake of great wealth and time freedom and eat it too!